Perennial Child Welfare Society - Activities

Some of the programs and activities of our NGO in Hyderabad

  • Perennial Upper Primary School for the underprivileged slum children
  • Health camps
  • Feed poor children
  • Clothes donation for the poor
  • and many more child welfare & child development activities.

Our NGO, Perennial Child Welfare Society, currently runs a school by the name “Prennial Upper Primary School” in Balajinagar, Hyderabad, aimed at providing education for the poor and underprivileged children.

We have started this school with humble beginnings, with a strong belief of empowering underprivileged and poor children, and a that with your kind and generous support we together can serve lot more poor and underprivileged society with renewed spirit.

We flrmly believe that with better and more resources we can bring about a bigger change among the young and helpless lives.

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